Research on Open Data and Transparency

Links and Other Research

Academic Papers

FOI and Open Government/Open Data

Fenster, M. (2015). ‘Transparency in Search of a Theory’. European Journal of Social Theory, 18(2), 150-167.

Berliner, Daniel. (2014). ‘The Political Origins of Transparency’. The Journal of Politics, 76(2): 479-491

Birchall, C. (2011). ‘Introduction to ‘Secrecy and Transparency: The Politics of Opacity and Openness’. Theory, Culture & Society, 28(7-8), 7-25.

Peled, A. (2013). Effective Openness – The Role of Open Data  2.0 in a Wider Transparency Program

Peled, A. (2011). When transparency and collaboration collide: The USA open data program. Journal of the American society for information science and technology62(11), 2085-2094.

Yu, Harlan and Robinson, David G., The New Ambiguity of ‘Open Government’ (February 28, 2012). 59 UCLA L. Rev. Disc. 178 (2012). Available at SSRN:

Davies, T., & Frank, M. (2013). ‘There’s no such thing as raw data’. Exploring the socio-technical life of a government dataset.

Davies, T. (2010). Open data, democracy and public sector reform. A look at open government data use from data. gov. uk.

Dror, Y. (1999). Transparency and openness of quality democracy. Openness and Transparency in Governance: Challenges and Opportunities, 25-43.


de Fine Licht, J., Naurin, D., Esaiasson, P., & Gilljam, M. (2011). Does transparency generate legitimacy? An experimental study of procedure acceptance of open-and closed-door decision-making. QoG Working Paper Series, 2011(8), 8.

de Fine Licht, J. Magic Wand or Pandora’s Box? (PhD) 

Grimmelikhuijsen, S. G., & Meijer, A. J. (2014). Effects of transparency on the perceived trustworthiness of a government organization: Evidence from an online experiment. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory,24(1), 137-157.

Peisakhin, Leonid V. and Pinto, Paul, Is Transparency an Effective Anti-Corruption Strategy? Evidence from a Field Experiment in India (September 23, 2010). Regulation & Governance, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 261-280, 2010. Available at SSRN:

Other Analysis

Escher, T (2011) Analysis of mySociety’s TheyWorkForYou

Journal of Community Informatics: Special Issue on Open Data

Report ‘open for Business’ published this week on the economic benefits of Open Data

Rufus Pollock article on the Economics of PSI from 2009 (often quoted)

Official Reports

Public Administration Committee (2014) – Tenth Report Statistics and Open Data: Harvesting unused knowledge, empowering citizens and improving public services

Written Evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee on Open Data

Justice Committee Justice Committee (2012) – First Report Post-legislative scrutiny of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

The UK’s Shakespeare review of PSI

 Links and blogs

ODI Open Data Blog

Jonathan Gray of the OKF

David Eaves

The ODI/WWWF Open Data Barometer

The Open Data Research Network’s mapping of the impact of Open Data

Interesting Applications

Dane Wright’s site that analyses local government spending

Chris Taggert’s site that combines democratic and spending data

The contract and spending finder spendnetwork

mySociey’s applications that includes TheyWorkForYou (monitoring MPs), WhatDoTheyKnow (for making FOI requests) and FixMyStreet (local government repairs).


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